A downloadable game for Android

This is a 5 level demo version of the upcoming game Fizzix.

Quick play instructions:

Use items from your toolbox to accomplish the task.

You can move the toolbar around the screen by dragging the grab handles on the left.

You can click on items to select them and you can drag items to move them.  Only items from your toolbox can be selected or moved.

Use the spinny arrows icon on the toolbar to rotate the currently selected item (not all items can be rotated).  Note: some items will not rotate if there is not space to rotate in to, you may need to move the item into space and then rotate it.

Use the trashcan icon on the toolbar to remove the selected item back to the toolbox, long press it to remove all items.

Use the toolbox icon on the toolbar to see which items are available for you to complete your task, the number under the image shows how many you have available of this item.  Click on an item in the toolbox to place it into a free space in the puzzle.

Use the Play icon on the toolbar once you have placed your items.  This will "start up" the puzzle.  You will see if you have been able to complete the task.  You may leave the puzzle running of you think it will complete even if it says you've failed.

The main thing is to have fun.  I may have designed a level to be completed in a certain way but be creative there could be more than one solution.

See www.purpleviking.com/games for more info.

I still have work to do on the full game so this is not necessarily how the game will be on full release.  The full game will have 99 levels and over 70 components.


Fizzix.apk 41 MB

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